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The Chorus building for Wellness

ANNOUNCEMENT! Flo, founder of Chorus Studios, here! :-)

We are narrowing our focus to brands and organizations in the pursuit of wellness.

Wellness, it sure is a trendy word these days!

But what is wellness you ask? Let's check oxford dictionary..

WELLNESS (n.): The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

The World Health Organization defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” and wellness is expressed as “a positive approach to living.”

Why are we hopping on the Wellness band wagon? Well, most of our current clients (BETTERON, Jes Averhart, Essential Health) already work in this space so it's a natural evolution.

But it's also personal. I myself work hard every day to improve my mental (or brain) health as well as my physical health. They are one-in the same for me. I'm also very passionate, and honestly concerned, about the health of the planet - our own health being intricately intertwined. We need more harmony on planet earth. And more FUN!

Often working in the social media field, we do think about the impact of social media on our health as individuals and as a society. We are hoping to join an organization to help us implement ethical and healthy social media practices with our clients. Please comment if you know of any organizations doing this!

We hope to use our talent for storytelling to improve the impact of organizations working to make the world a better, healthier, MORE FUN place for everyone. We consider this wellness.

Know a wellness brand or organization you love? Please tag them in the comments below!

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